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Learn English with golf

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Learning or perfecting a language shouldn't be an activity confined to a few weekly hours inside a classroom. Our approach to almost all courses is like that: you have a schedule, you go meet your classmates and teacher(s) once again, do what you have to, complete the exercises, practice a bit... and then forget about it for the rest of the week. At most, you sit down for a while and complete your homework. And that is the entirety of the time you dedicate to learning something new. As you can see, this isn't the most efficient approach for acquiring new skills, whatever they are. Improvement requires dedication, and a few hours a week at best won't do.

This is especially important in the case of English, or any other language for that matter. We speak, read and write every day, all the time. We use the language to think, to communicate, to entertain ourselves, to work... We can't just forget about English for days until our next class or practice session, especially if we have so many options and opportunities to keep improving.

The good thing about language is that you can practice it in virtually any situation. Anytime you have to communicate with someone else, or just read or write something on your own, you can be practicing English. So the trick here is to find an activity you enjoy, and combine it with some English practice. You can find people who has the same two interests - the hobby you enjoy and learning English - and practice while sharing that activity. You can also take a course in English, especially if you are currently studying abroad. So you develop an extra skill or enjoy a course you like, and at the same time develop your English skills.

Golf and businesses

There are some things that go well together, and golf and business are a good pairing. Golf and business share a strong connection, as many people who enjoy doing business or for any other reason are wealthy and well positioned, tend to enjoy posh sports like golf and practice them every week. One of the great advantages of golf for doing business is that it's a group activity you can share with people you know, or don't know at all. While you enjoy a nice day out, you are relaxed and comfortable, and you can talk about businesses, alliances and opportunities. You can share new projects and find help and investors. Improvised business meetings at golf games are commonplace among chiefs and CEOs, so doing business in the golf course is a great strategy for growth and development.

One of the most requested areas of English is of course Business English, which allows people to make contact with international customers or partners and make their own business grow by connecting with more people and opening up new options with foreign markets. So if you want to learn Business English, combining your lessons or practice sessions with some golf matches is a great strategy. You will be building your Business English skills in an environment where they are often used and, in fact, very convenient. 

So find a group of English students or better, some natives, and share some golf classes or matches with them. You will spend enjoyable days, have fun playing some golf, and learn the language. You could be making good contacts before you realize!

Where to learn Business English

Of course, just booking some classes for practice purposes isn't enough to learn the language. You need to find a good language academy and take lessons with skilled teachers - preferably native - so you get to know the grammar, vocabulary and rules you need for a perfect English. Here is a quick list of places where you can learn Business English.

LSI (Language Studies International) has a great Business English course lasting 1-23 weeks, so you can find the one that adjusts to your needs. Modules are independent so you can take the ones you prefer.

The London Business School (london.edu) offers great Business English programs at the King's College. You can also learn many other languages and practice with native business students within the campus.

Finally, Zoni Language Centers (zoni.edu) is an American language schools with branches in London and Vancouver. It offers Business English courses as well as many other courses and services that you can use to become a successful professional in your field!

So start your Business English course today, it's one of the best investments you can do in your career and results will show in the short term!


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