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Learn English in Ireland

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Learn English in Ireland

Ecole d anglais Irlande

Are you in Ireland and in search of a school which teaches English? There are very many English teaching schools and colleges throughout the country. Some of the best English teaching schools in the country include the following: 

• Cork English World

This school has been existent for six years. Cork English World offers quality education; as it teaches only a few students per class. This way, the teachers can give full attention to all their students and make sure none of them is left behind. The English courses offered include Cambridge First English Certificate, Cambridge Advanced English Certificate and the International English Language Test System. Students can apply online, and pay in advance to get a slot for the next semester. 

• Centre of English Studies

Since 1979, the Centre of English Studies has been offering lessons on the language to students from all over the world. The school is located in Dublin. It offers various courses in English, which include Cambridge First English Certificate, Cambridge Advanced English Certificate, Standard General English, Intensive General English and Junior English. There is also a special course for those who want to teach the language. To apply to the Centre for English Studies, go online and find out which of the courses you are qualified for.  

• Alpha College of English

This college is located in Dublin. It is aimed at offering students great knowledge in English as well as improving their communication skills. Alpha College of English prepares its students to be able to fit into the corporate world and be able to communicate with English speakers from any part of the world. Some of the courses offered include General English, General Business English Plus, Professional Work Experience and General and Business English. The college accommodates students from all over the world, hence giving you a chance to practice communicating with people from different countries. You can easily apply to join the college online and make advance payments. 

• The Linguaviva Centre

The Linguaviva Centre was established in 1977. It is located in Dublin, and attracts students from many countries worldwide. The classes offered in this centre are based on the students’ skills. Students are given tests to test how good they are in both spoken and written English. Their performance determines the level in which they start to learn. In order to cater fully for the students’ needs, The Linguaviva Centre allows for less than fifteen students per class. The teachers therefore know all their students and can ensure all of them understand what is taught. Applications are made online.

• Limerick Language Centre

Limerick Language Centre was established in 1990. It has been known to offer quality education in various languages including English. Students in the school are offered courses that relate to their professions of interest. They are taught how to communicate in English and fit into different jib settings. The English Courses offered include Cambridge Advanced English Certificate and Cambridge Advanced English Certificate. Students are also prepared to sit for the Test of English as a Foreign Language. Taking an English course in Limerick Language Centre can give you the chance to be as good in English as the native speakers.  

• Swan Training Institute

This school is located in Dublin, and has been running for more than two decades now. It has students from countries all over the world. The school has modern facilities, which attract very many students each year. The teachers here are highly trained; hence students are assured of quality education. Swan Training Institute has enough accommodation for all students; hence they do not have to spend a lot of money on apartments outside the school.

• Cork Language Centre International

It is located in the city of Cork. The school offers courses in English based on the purpose for which a student wishes to learn the language. General English classes are offered to improve the student’s overall understanding of the language; including communication and pronunciation of words. Students can then choose the level they intend to reach; as there are advanced courses for those who have passed the General English level. To apply, you can go online and take a test to determine which level you qualify for. 

• Ulearn English School Dublin

Ulearn English School is a boutique college, which was established in 1988. The college attracts a large number of students due to its affordable tuition and accommodation fees. The offered courses here are in various levels. Students begin at General English and move to the advanced courses with time. Ulearn has a training programme for people who wish to teach English.

Parting Shot

In a few years, the better part of the Irish population will be fluent English speakers. The language teaching schools in the country have gained fame over time due to the great training they offer. They ensure that students are comfortable in any setting where they are required to communicate in English. 

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