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Intensive English Courses

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Intensive English Courses

Intensive English Courses

English for everyone

Learning the English language has become a need in today’s world. It doesn’t matter what your job is or what your interests are, English proficiency will enhance your experience and expand your possibilities. Plenty of material and information is available worldwide in English, and with this language you can communicate with people from different countries and culture. Be it for fun, for education, for work or por personal growth, this is always very useful and has a lot of potential to it. So if you don’t speak English yet, or if you want to become more proficient and fluent, taking an English course is definitively a good idea.

Of course, just as with any other language, native teachers will always up the quality of any class. The perfect combination is a native teacher with good teaching skills and an engaging approach to the lessons given. The result is quick and entertaining learning in a possitive environment, where you might meet new people and make friends. This is even more likely if you travel to the source of the language itself, Britain, and take courses there. You will likely have classmates from different countries and continents, and the whole experience will be fun and very constructive.

Quick, efficient, cost-effective: intensive courses

However important studying English might be, not everyone has the time and the money to spend in year-round courses. They do have some disadvantages. It takes quite a long time for a student to progress in their language skills, especially in group classes. You might be busy with school, work or other occupations, and have no time to spare in clases, even if they’re just once a week. You also get distracted with other affairs and forget most of what you’ve learned a few days ago, and need to spend even more time reviewing content before being able to advance.

In some cases, you might even have a short time before your English skills will come into play, in example for a job interview or business trip. You won’t have the time to go to a regular English course and get ready before your deadline.

In these cases, the best thing that you can do is take an intensive English course. These are often compressed in a short amount of time, which is used very efficiently, with hours of practice and daily classes. It’s intense work, but it pays off as it is often more cost-effective and, of course, much faster. 

Most intensive courses take place during the summer holidays, where some people have more free time to attend. However, certain English schools offer intensive courses all throughout the year. You just have to find the one that adjusts to your interests, your goals and your timing. There are plenty of intensive English courses in the United Kingdom, and many are aimed towards foreign students or professionals who want to develop their language skills in their area of expertise.

Reccommended intensive courses in the UK

Princes College

Princes College is located at the very heart of London, just a few steps away from representative landmarks such as Trafalgar Square. This school has a great learning environment and provides intensive group courses for learning English as a foreign language. It is certified by the British Council and English UK, one of the main language teaching associations in the world. The staff at Princes College takes the students to activities and tours in London, in order to provide them with a richer and more interesting experience of the British culture.

InTuition Language

Unlike the more traditional approach of Princes College, Intuition Language offers a different framework for learning. This school provides intensive and immersive English courses, where students stay at their teacher’s home for a period of time and have individual classes every day. They also spend the rest of the day in the teacher’s home or engage in activities in London, thus getting in closer contact with the culture and the real use of the language. Immersion courses are one of the best ways to learn any language quickly and with good pronunciation and fluency.

The Anglo European School

The Anglo European School provides different classes in a wide range of areas, including arts, science and history among many others. Anglo English is its English language sector, which provides English courses and classes in an ample variety of class structures, suitable for all goals and interests. If you enlist in the Anglo Euopean School, you can combine classes with other subjects to enhance your experience.

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