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English Immersion Courses

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English Immersion Courses

English Immersion courses

Standard courses vs. immersion courses

There are many different methods for learning any language. Nowadays, creativity and innovation is encouraged in any area of teaching, and languag is no exception. There is a growin emphasis in motivation and engagement, which increases results as well as enhances the learning experience. Going to classes is no longer just about munching papers and getting lots of information inside your brain. It’s about enjoyment, fun and establishing social bounds with your classmates, teachers and tutors.

The traditional English language class has transformed during the last few decades, meant to be more interesting and compelling. And even thought there are some elements about the traditional framework for language learning, such as how classes are desgined, how classrooms are structured, and testing techniques, a great deal of what classes used to be like have changed. English schools use their modern settings and engaging learning activities as marketing material to promote their services to their audiences. People become more and more interested in these innovative learning settings. One of the most popular nowadays is immersion classes, which isn’t very common to find since it requires special infrastructure and staff in order to be put into practice. Let’s dive a little deeper into what immersion courses actually are.

Natural language learning

The basic premise behind immersion language learning is that students suround themselves in an environment that only speaks the language of their choice. In example, English immersion courses take place in English-only speaking environments, like and English-speaking country. Also, teachers are native English speakers, and only English is allowed even between students. This constitutes a 24/7 language experience for the pupils, who are forced to develop and practice their English skills constantly. Of course, they have the dedicated supervision of their teachers, who correct their mistakes and encourage them to try the applications of the language that are more difficult for them.

The idea of immersion courses is partially based on the fact that constant exposure to the language and a situation when your’e forced to constantly practice it, enhances the learning results. However, there is more to this method than constant practice. The concept of immersive courses is inspired in how we naturally acquire language, which is in an immersion process, when we are babies. We find ourselves in an environment of fully capable, fully proficient people who speak the language we’re learning, which is our mother tongue. Even if the baby knows nothing, as the infant develops more brain circuits, actual learning takes place. The baby absorbs the surounding language, its structures and rules, and learns how to speak and eventually write it properly.

This is supposed to be a more brain-friendly method than traditional teaching schemes that are based in methods and theories dating back to ancient Greece. Immerisive English courses are becoming more and more popular, and you can find them in many different schools in the UK, the US, Australia and other English-speaking countries.

How to find an immersion English course

A quick Google search will show you plenty of English immersion courses in the United Kingdom. You can take an English course anywhere, but the UK is arguably the best place to do it, since it’s where the English language was born. Immersion courses have the advantage to put you in contact with the culture and the everyday life of people, so they’re more complete experiences than regular courses. If you take an immersion course in England, you will experience the English lifestyle, psychology and personality, as well as physycal manifestations of their national spirit, such as architecture and social organization. It’s definitively a richer and more interesting experience than merely practising the language.

You have to decide whether you want to take an intesive course or a summer course at places like Discovery Summer, it all depends on your budget, your timeframe and your availability. And speaking of budget, immersion courses are often found in private schools, so you will have to consider the money factor. Doing an extensive research and comparing prices is important, but if you do only that you will face the risk of falling into a bad school with low prices and low quality.

Our reccommendation is that you check on Cicero language Tuition, which is a website dedicated to show you your options for English courses of all kinds in the UK. All schools you will find promoted there are good places where you can learn the language and have a great experience, meeting new friends and getting to know the British culture much better.

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