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English courses for professionals

Expand your activities with English

We live in a digital era where information is easily exchanged between distant points of the world in a matter of a fraction of a second. We can watch live how something happens across the globe, and interact in real time with colleagues, friends and family located behind the oceans. It is now commonplace for us to send and receive information and it is as natural to us as the mere act of breathing. 

In such a world, we need to develop a common language so we can share this information and understand each other easily. With a common language, we can collaborate, work together from all the ends of the world, and create things that would have been impossible without international cooperation. Cultural exchange through a common language is enriching and allows us to go beyond our personal boundaries and reach new levels of education and awareness about a wide range of affairs. Phenomenons like crowfunding and remote work have been made possible with a common language, and now creators, artists and businesspeople around the world can reach a global audience. The common language nowadays is English.

So no matter what you do, whether you are a traveler or a professional or a businessperson or an educator of any kind, you can benefit greatly with English skills. You can communicate with others, learn more, expand your activities and let the world know what you are up to. And that is the way great things can happen.

Why are professional English courses important?

Professionals aren't like other people. They are especially trained and educated to become proficient in a particular activity and knowledgeable in a field of expertise that defines them as whichever professional they are. When you become a professional in any area, you need to undergo an extense process of education and practice, where you develop the physical and mental skills needed to do what you want to do. The process of becoming a professional includes learning a new particular language, with exclusive vocabulary as well as new meanings for old words and new perspectives for the way you use them. These aren't things you can just know with common sense or general culture, you need special training. That is one of the things that separates a professional from someone who is not.

So when you learn English as a professional, and you mean to use this language at work, or to communicate with others as a professional, you will need to undergo yet another learning process so you can express yourself in a professional way in English. New vocabulary, new grammar and a new understanding of old words. And this counts for any other language you would like to use when you work. 

So not only are professional English courses important, but also you shoud get them from teachers who are trained educators as well as knowledgeable in your own field of expertise. Professional teachers will be able to transmit the perks of their working lives with the language, and tell you how to behave and takl in different cultures and environments where English is used. Also, they can share their experience by teaching you about situations where you will have to use this language in your professional life. 

The advantage of taking professional English courses is undeniable, as well as the importance of knowing English in the first place if you are a professional. So book a good professional English course and start expanding the frontiers of your work prospects!

Where to take a professional English course

At OISE London (oise.edu/) is preferred by executive and professional students because of their very convenient approach to pupils. At OISE you can take professional English courses in small groups of up to four student and even one to one classes, which maximizes the learning experience. If you are a professional then learning English is an investment for you, and this learning scheme actually contributes to maximize the returns of said investment.

Internexus (internexus.edu) offers a wide variety of English courses, fron Business English to year round courses of English of all levels. This is a great academy for you to develop your language skills at London, the very heart of the United Kingdom. If you prefer, you can take intensive or semi intensive courses, which are a great option for international students who travel from all countries of the world to learn the English langauge where it was born. Exam courses are also available all year round.


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