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English Courses for Adults

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English Courses for Adults

Learning English need not always mean hours on end in a classroom memorizing tricky grammar and hard vocabularies. In fact, as English teachers will assert, a lot of effective learning happens outside of school.

As an adult, learning how to improve English speaking may not be a walk in the park. In fact, after your 20s, language learning skills take a nose dive. This is why a lot of adults find it hard to polish up their English skills.

Being confident in your English skills can boost your life in many ways, top on the list being the following;

• Improve career prospects

• Get the best of internet use

• Improve social life

As you search for ways to improve your English speaking skills, you will realize that there are a lot of short but comprehensive internationally accredited courses. These courses will make it easier for you polish up your skills.

English Courses for Adults

Adult English courses are available online. You will get sessions where you can interact with your tutors in addition to a skill based practice session. The practice lessons offer the opportunity to interact with Native English speakers.

Depending on your proficiency in the language and your motivation for learning, you can choose any of the following courses. You can get these courses in a good number of internationally accredited English learning institutions.

General English Course

This is a course that is suitable for beginners. It is crafted to help you get and improve your English skills. It helps you develop and sharpen your listening, speaking, reading and writing proficiency.


Academic Writing Course

This is the perfect course for university students looking to polish up their English skills to improve their academic writing. It is perfect for both under and post graduate students.

IELTS English Course

International English Language Tests (IELTS) course prepares you for proficiency in mastery of the language. The internationally accredited course ensures that you are adequately prepared to ace the world’s most recognized English tests.


Conversational English Course

Once you have the basics, you can build up on it to get better at interacting with people. This course offers you the opportunity to build your confidence in the use of the language through debates, role plays and discussions. 

Business Skills Modulars

These are offered at both foundation and advanced levels. The courses are specifically designed to provide effective communication techniques in the workplace


Private Group Courses

This is an extremely flexible, high quality, fully customized course. It involves one-on-one or private group learning where adult learners can interact. It is also an effective way to get learners to practice their skills.

Top 3 Tips to Learning English Fast

Learning new languages as an adult can be quite a task. As such, you will need to know how to get it right faster. Here are a few tips that will help you speak like a native in no time.

1). Give Grammar Rules A Break!

There are endless grammar rules that no one can possibly memorize and use appropriately, not even the native speakers! Therefore, it is advisable to focus on practicing conversational English instead of memorizing grammar rules.  With practice, you learn how to speak naturally and conversations become easier.

2). Don’t Memorize Vocabularies

Vocabularies are important; but you should not take too much time on memorizing the big words. The aim of learning English is to have natural conversations as opposed to throwing in random big words. It is more effective to learn new vocabularies through conversations.

3). Practice with Native speakers

The most effective way to learn the English language is to constantly practice with native English speakers of the language. With as little as 3 sessions a week, you will notice the significant improvement in your accent and fluency.

4). Read As Much As You Can

Reading is an excellent method of leaning new words as well as improving on sentence structure. Read everything you can lay your hands on; classic literature, newspapers, paperbacks, emails, anything really. The content is packed with juicy vocabulary as well as examples of context in which the words are used. Practicing what you read by talking it out with others is a fast and effective way of improving your English skills.

Parting Shot

It is important to remember that you can get enrolled in any accredited English learning institutions. These institutions will offer you a range of courses from which to choose depending on your learning goals. You can visit any of the British Council accredited institutions to get started. Be sure to ask about the convenience of online courses, duration as well as payment options.

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