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Business English Courses

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Business English Courses

Business English Courses

English as a business tool

Proficiency in the English language has become useful, sometimes indispensable, for many activities. The world is connected in real time and possibilities of working together with people from other cultures and exchanging goods and services worldwide are here to stay. If you want to be a part of the world’s new scene, which is almost a requisite for growth, you need English language proficiency. This is the language the world uses today for international communication, and it will open many doors for you. By being fluent in this language and using it properly, you will be a valuable worker and an interesting asset for companies, organizations and businesses.

It is no wonder that companies and students around the world make big investments in English courses, especially professional English and business English. The same way professionals had to learn the specific vocabulary and idioms of their areas of specialization, when learning a new language they must do the same thing again. The fact that you can communicate efficienly in everyday English, that you will learn at a normal English class, doesn’t mean that you know the technicalities and specific vocablulary of your work activities. In order to communicate with colleagues, managers, bosses, clients and partners, you need to develop your specialized professional English skills.

For this reason, business English classes are considered to be an investment. The returns will come in the form of a higher employee value as well as better opportunities for trade, business relationships and international operations and productive chains. If you want to become a true competitive worker in whichever area you prefer, then learning specialised English will be a very wise step to take.

Business English courses: minimum requirements

Not all good English teachers are qualified to teach good Business English classes and courses. The same way a native speaker in a language has no reason to know technicisms and expressions from a field of expertise like medicine, laws or economy, and needs special training to do so, English teachers – and those of any other language, for that matter – should specialise before teaching special English courses. 

Also, there is another big issue here. A teacher who has been trained in the language of a certain area but has no experience working in it, is also very limited. No language is just about words, pronuciation and grammar; it’s about the usage you make of it, and how to speak and write in specific situations. An English teacher who also has experience in businesses will provide a much richer and more useful insight on how to use the language properly. So when you start looking for a Business English course, focus on those that have certified English teachers who actually work, or have worked, in businesses before.

It might be a bit difficult for you to identify the good Business English courses and tell them from the bad ones, especially when looking at ther websites, because all of them say the’re the best and they have excellent teachers and great results. Personal experience and peer reviews might be the only reliable source of information on which course to pick. For that reason, here’s a list of good Business English courses in the UK that will be very useful for you if you’re looking for one.

Our top picks

For those who like the more traditional, face-to-face approach, there are many English schools in London where Business English courses are dictated. Language Link is very well known because there, not only do you have a wide variety of English curses available, but also it specialises in teacher training and the development of English teaching skills, including specialised English. Rose of York is another great choice if you are in the London area, which has the advantage of allowing you to see iconic British landmarks and do a long series of activities suitable for all tastes.

If you prefer a more retired learning setting you have Harrow House, which is an English school located by the beach in Swanage. Altough mostly a school for the youngsters, it does have a series of adult courses combined with activities and adventures in its vast facilities by the sea.

Finally, if you prefer online teaching, former English school ELT has gone online and offers courses for small groups. You can find it as ELT-online at the same website as always, but with a different layout and content. Unlike other online English course providers, ELT has almost 30 years of experience backing it up, so you can be sure its content and teaching methods will be superb.

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