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Business English Courses

English as a business tool

Proficiency in the English language has become useful, sometimes indispensable, for many activities. The world is connected in real time and possibilities of working together with people from other cultures and exchanging goods and services worldwide are here to stay. If you want to be a part of the world's new scene, which is almost a requisite for growth, you need English language proficiency. This is the language the world uses today for international communication, and it will open many doors for you. By being fluent in this language and using it properly, you will be a valuable worker and an interesting asset for companies, organizations and businesses.

It is no wonder that companies and students around the world make big investments in English courses, especially professional English and business English. The same way professionals had to learn the specific vocabulary and idioms of their areas of specialization, when learning a new language they must do the same thing again. The fact that you can communicate efficienly in everyday English, that you will learn at a normal English class, doesn't mean that you know the technicalities and specific vocablulary of your work activities. In order to communicate with colleagues, managers, bosses, clients and partners, you need to develop your specialized professional English skills. Read More...

English Immersion courses

Standard courses vs. immersion courses

There are many different methods for learning any language. Nowadays, creativity and innovation is encouraged in any area of teaching, and languag is no exception. There is a growin emphasis in motivation and engagement, which increases results as well as enhances the learning experience. Going to classes is no longer just about munching papers and getting lots of information inside your brain. It's about enjoyment, fun and establishing social bounds with your classmates, teachers and tutors.

The traditional English language class has transformed during the last few decades, meant to be more interesting and compelling. And even thought there are some elements about the traditional framework for language learning, such as how classes are desgined, how classrooms are structured, and testing techniques, a great deal of what classes used to be like have changed. English schools use their modern settings and engaging learning activities as marketing material to promote their services to their audiences. People become more and more interested in these innovative learning settings. One of the most popular nowadays is immersion classes, which isn't very common to find since it requires special infrastructure and staff in order to be put into practice. Let's dive a little deeper into what immersion courses actually are. Read More...

Intensive English Courses

English for everyone

Learning the English language has become a need in today's world. It doesn't matter what your job is or what your interests are, English proficiency will enhance your experience and expand your possibilities. Plenty of material and information is available worldwide in English, and with this language you can communicate with people from different countries and culture. Be it for fun, for education, for work or por personal growth, this is always very useful and has a lot of potential to it. So if you don't speak English yet, or if you want to become more proficient and fluent, taking an English course is definitively a good idea.

Of course, just as with any other language, native teachers will always up the quality of any class. The perfect combination is a native teacher with good teaching skills and an engaging approach to the lessons given. The result is quick and entertaining learning in a possitive environment, where you might meet new people and make friends. This is even more likely if you travel to the source of the language itself, Britain, and take courses there. You will likely have classmates from different countries and continents, and the whole experience will be fun and very constructive. Read More...

Learn English while working in Northern Ireland

Finding a work-study program that is not overwhelming or financially draining can be quite a task. Once you finally come up with a schedule that suits you, the rewards are tremendous. It also helps that Northern Ireland isn’t an English learning hub in the region. This makes the learning institution here mere flexible on their rules to accommodate both full and part time learners. This comes in handy when you need to juggle work and study.

Learning English in Northern Ireland

There are countless establishments that formally teach English. However, you can always see learners spending hours in Dublin pubs trying to improve their knowledge whilst sampling the Celtic legends tales. These tales passed down from one generation to the other are on the legendary beings who are inhabitants of the rush green pastures. It is not only fun to learn through these tales; you also get to learn a lot about Ireland. Read More...

School of English Northern Ireland

Reasons for Traveling to the UK

The UK has always remained a country of opportunities. The excellent living conditions that the country has to offer have always attracted the people to move here. In addition to this, the schools here are of the highest quality too and provide a high level of education to the children. From an employment perspective as well the country remains a popular destination for people of all occupations and skills. Thus, it is no wonder that a large number of people from all over the world look forward to immigrate to the UK each year. 

Apart from immigration, even traveling to the UK is considered a great option by many tourists. There are several locations throughout the country that provide vacationers the chance to enjoy and have a great time with their families. In addition to this, the students can find great schools and universities like the School of English Northern Ireland where they can study and earn their degrees from a credible institution. Moreover, people like traveling to the UK for work purpose too. With employment opportunities up for grabs, people from around the world want to visit the UK to apply for jobs.    Read More...

Ecole d anglais Irlande

Are you in Ireland and in search of a school which teaches English? There are very many English teaching schools and colleges throughout the country. Some of the best English teaching schools in the country include the following: 

• Cork English World

This school has been existent for six years. Cork English World offers quality education; as it teaches only a few students per class. This way, the teachers can give full attention to all their students and make sure none of them is left behind. The English courses offered include Cambridge First English Certificate, Cambridge Advanced English Certificate and the International English Language Test System. Students can apply online, and pay in advance to get a slot for the next semester.  Read More...

Learn English in Ireland

Immersion learning

It is always a good idea to at least consider taking English classes, because proficiency in the English language is becoming more and more important. It doesn't matter if you're a student, a professional, an entrepreneur or a tourist, or just love learning new things and making your cultural and human background richer. The English language helps you communicate and connect with people around the world, and access wider possibilities for education and interaction. It makes you more competent at college, as well as at your job. Also, it helps you capitalize your travels to foreign countries and all cultural exchange activities.

Just as it happens with any other language, experts in English are convinced - with years of learning results backing them up - that the best way to gain proficiency, fluency and skill in this langauge is to undergo an immersion process. Immersion learning is a simple concept; basically, what you have to do to better learn English is to make an experience in a native English-speaking environment. In other words, you suround yourself by English-speaking people, every day all the time, so not only you are constantly exposed to the correct use of the language, but also you are forced to use it yourself to communicate with others and get by in your daily life. Read More...

One to one private english lessons

Group classes vs. one to one classes

When people engage in language lessons, one of the decisions they must make is: do they want group classes or individual classes? The default format for English classes, as well as many other classes and courses, is the grupal approach. Taking group classes has a series of advantages, some more meaningful than others depending on the case.

For example, group lessons can be used as a way to know new people and even make friends. Classmates can help you outside of the classroom and you can gather to practice or review lessons. This is especially important if you are taking English classes abroad, and you don't have many social contacts outside the classroom. Another aspect that sometimes makes a big difference is that group classes tend to be much cheaper than individual classes because the cost is split among all the students. Read More...

English Language Training for Refugees

The refugee's experience 

Nowadays war, famine, persecution and other terrible realities are a daily part of the lives of thousands of people. They are forced to abandon their homelands and travel far away, in dubious conditions, in the hopes to find a place where they could live their lives and raise their children without constant fear of death, sickness and torture. Of course, they're not welcomed everywhere, and sometimes their journey lasts for longer than expected... and they even meet their end before they reach a place to call home.

A refugee's problems start way before they become such. The terrible reality they must endure often scars them for life, or at least leaves deep wounds in their bodies and their psyches. They escape in order to survive and give their children and family a better life, and even those with the best of intentions and the greatest wishes to peacefully find a place to live and work will bear on their shoulders the burden of their past. Also, the experience of being a refugee adds even more suffering to their lives; they face poverty, fear, discrimination and isolation, and persecution might still be a daily affair for them. Read More...

All inclusive English lessons IRELAND

Study and enjoy

Learning English is fundamental for virtually anyone, so millions of people around the world take classes or use self-learning techniques to improve their skills and reach higher levels of proficiency for a number of reasons. Of course, just as with any other language, there is no better way to learn English than to travel to an English speaking country like Ireland and get in contact with the daily life of people. You can practice your Englisn 24/7 and put it to the test, see by your own experience which phrases and words are actually more useful and how people talk in real life. 

Immersion learning is challenging but also very satisfactory and entertaining. This is perfect for people who really love the British culture, or at least might fall in love with it given the chance to know it a little better. Students from all countries travel to the UK for English studies, and immersion courses are getting more and more popularity as one of the best ways to make the most out of your time here. Also, with the right itinerary and guides, you will enjoy every moment you are here, getting in closer contact with our culture, appreciating our monuments and natural beauty, and creating great memories with new friends and nice people you can meet in Ireland. Read More...

Language school Belfast

In site English classes: learn in the UK

Developing your English skills has become a must for virtually anyone who wants to open up to nex experiences and possibilities, be it in education, travel, work or profession, or any other aspect of their lives. Of course, you should find a good English teacher if you want to become more proficient in the language. Self learning cannot take you all the way, because you will be making mistakes without noticing, and only a good tutor will correct those mistakes and show you the most efficient and accurate ways to master the English language.

There are good English teachers who are native speakers of other languages, but the truth is that there is no better teacher at any language than a native. There are produnciation, slang and use of language details at which only a native will be impeccable, and you should aim high if you want to make the best out of your English classes. Read More...


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"The courses of Totally English are very, very good. I made friends from Latin America and shared classes with them. We all learned together and the teacher was very nice. I'm happy I took this course there."
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