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Learn English while working in Northern Ireland

Finding a work-study program that is not overwhelming or financially draining can be quite a task. Once you finally come up with a schedule that suits you, the rewards are tremendous. It also helps that Northern Ireland isn’t an English learning hub in the region. This makes the learning institution here mere flexible on their rules to accommodate both full and part time learners. This comes in handy when you need to juggle work and study.

Learning English in Northern Ireland

There are countless establishments that formally teach English. However, you can always see learners spending hours in Dublin pubs trying to improve their knowledge whilst sampling the Celtic legends tales. These tales passed down from one generation to the other are on the legendary beings who are inhabitants of the rush green pastures. It is not only fun to learn through these tales; you also get to learn a lot about Ireland.

The Accredited English Learning Institutions

If you are a foreigner working in Northern Ireland and looking to further your English language, it helps to know which institutions are best for you. For starters, it is advisable to enroll in an institution with a UK Accreditation certification. The following institutions in Northern Ireland are accredited by the British Council, and are among those you might want to consider.

• Foyle International

• Ulster University

• Belfast Metropolitan College

• International House in Belfast

• Queen’s University Belfast

• NW English Academy

• South Eastern Regional College

You can check them out and pick one that suits your preferences in terms of learning charges, distance from your home/work place, and other facilities such as scholarships and grants. You can always talk to the school’s administration about your preferred schedule and see if you can come to a compromise.

The Finances and Fees When Studying In Northern Ireland

The relationship between grants and loans for those who want to study in Northern Ireland can be a little complicated. The fact that you will be a part-time student doesn’t make the situation any better. However, you can get assistance on the following expenses.

• Tuition fees 

• Living costs

• Learning loan repayments

• University financial support

• Grants for living costs

It is important to note that availability of these facilities depend on the institution and the prevailing circumstances of the learner. Therefore, when making your plans, make sure you can manage even without the financial assistance, just in case your application is not approved. Keep in mind that the amount you get s also dependent on your circumstances, the learning institution you choose and the overall cost of the program.

If you do get a loan, chances are you will be required to repay soon as you graduate. The repayments must include the interest on the amount you received. While costs form a big part of your study program, let it not be the only deciding factor when it comes to picking a learning institution.

When picking an English course, be sure you understand all the costs involved. It is easy to get carried away by the tuition fees and forget to enquire on other services. However, it is important to as about any other services that you will be required to pay for. That way, you can make a more accurate budget.

Some Tips for Working in Northern Ireland

You probably already have all the required documentation that allows you to work in Northern Ireland. When applying for university financial assistance such as bursaries and scholarships, you might be required to disclose your employment details. 

Working in Northern Ireland requires documentation such as a visa if you are not form an EEA member country. Be sure to check out some of the restrictions that come with work permits to avoid inconveniences and waste of resources. 

It is also important to note that the job system is in tiers. Your appropriate tier is determined by your level of skill, and it determines your pay and terms of employment. Depending on which tier you are, you might want to check the employment terms. You might just find out that your employer can help out with the studying expenses.

Parting Shot

Most learning institutions in Northern Ireland are accommodative. Their courses are tailored to suit different schedules. If you would like to take after-work classes, or squeeze in some hours on the weekends, the choice is yours. Additionally, you can decide to take virtual classes and only physically be in the class once in a while. You can always work out a plan with the school administration. Be sure to pick a schedule that doesn’t leave you too drained to effectively carry out your responsibilities at your workplace.


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