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Language school Belfast

In site English classes: learn in the UK

Developing your English skills has become a must for virtually anyone who wants to open up to nex experiences and possibilities, be it in education, travel, work or profession, or any other aspect of their lives. Of course, you should find a good English teacher if you want to become more proficient in the language. Self learning cannot take you all the way, because you will be making mistakes without noticing, and only a good tutor will correct those mistakes and show you the most efficient and accurate ways to master the English language.

There are good English teachers who are native speakers of other languages, but the truth is that there is no better teacher at any language than a native. There are produnciation, slang and use of language details at which only a native will be impeccable, and you should aim high if you want to make the best out of your English classes.

Even further, just as there is no better teacher than a native teacher, there is no better environment than the country where they speak the language you want to learn. There is no other place where you will find more native teachers, actually. If you surround yourself by native speakers, interact with them in different situations, and constantly put your skills to the test and exercise them, you will increase your language level very quickly and efficiently.

This is why The Education of Non-Native Language Speaking Children in the UK is so important. Language is a tool for integration and personal development, and people from many countries travel to the UK looking for a place to learn and perfect their English skills.

Learn English in Northern Ireland

The whole United Kingdom is a great place to learn English, but each country has its own particular advantages and its own unique charm. Northern Ireland is a very old nation with rich culture and beautiful landscapes. If you come to Northern Ireland to learn English, you will have a complete experience full of interesting activities, nice days to remember and amazing new friends that might last forever. 

Treasuring local history and culture as well as the language plays a big part in making national identity, and the Irish people know this very well. If you spend your days in Northern Ireland, keeping close contact with our daily lives and experiences, you will learn so much more than just perfect British accent and language fluency. You will be a part of this long history of wonderful things that we have to offer, and you will have fun while doing so. Learning English in Ireland is one of the best decisions you could ever make in your life.

There have been major developments in education in Northern Ireland, aiming to provide the best educational services from both the public and private sector, so you will find plenty of great English academies and teachers who will be happy to receive you and share with you our rich culture and our very unique identity.

Totally English in Bangor

 Major cities like Dublin and Belfast have become famous for their vibrant cultural lives and amazing architecture, so they receive international visitors every year. If you want to go to a major Irish city for your English course, then go for it. You will have a great time and endless chances to practice your language skills.

However, have you considered taking your courses at a more quiet location, at the beautiful Irish countryside, in a small town? Or what about enjoying the best of both worlds? If this is your drill, then you should come to Totally English. We offer a wide range of English courses including Business English courses, beginner courses, one-to-one classes and conversation courses. 

We are located in Bangor, a beautiful town where you can enjoy quiet afternoons and fun nights getting to know the Irish culture and people even better. And if you like big cities and wish for an escapade every once in a while, we are very close to Belfast, which is one of the largest cities you will find in Northern Ireland. Our school has the perfect balance in location, with access to a vibrant city as well as a nice environment where you can enjoy your learning experience peacefully surrounded by amazing people.

Feel free to contact us and make us any questions about our courses and how it is like to learn English in Northern Ireland. We will be happy to answer all your enquiries and provide information so you can make your decision and start developing your English skills!


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    English Immersion Courses

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    Intensive English Courses

    Language School Belfast

    Language School Belfast


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