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Welcome to Totally English lessons!


We are an integrative and comprehensive Business English school located in Kent, UK. We teach real English to Spanish and Portuguese speaking students from Europe and the Americas. Are you looking to improve your English skills in college or at your job? Then this is exactly what you're searching for. Totally English is the school for you!


We have students from different countries and continents gathered here to learn our language with you. At Totally English, you will make international friends and live fantastic learning adventures in the United Kingdom. Together, you will become more proficient in all areas of our language. Being fluent in English has become indispensable in the business area, so take your chance now and improve your skills with Totally English! Be more competitive in your job and see doors open left and right for you. English is the key!


What our classes are all about


Practice spoken English every day with your classmates under supervision of your teachers. You will acquire fluency with practice while your mentor corrects your pronunciation, phrasing and entonation. Learn English the way it's used in real life: by speaking it!


Learn how to express yourself properly in English in written form. Spelling, grammar and punctuation. Learn all writing forms you need to know in your job, like letters and e-mails, reports, memos and much more. Impress your bosses and clients with your writing skills!


Read quickly and easily in English with our reading excersises. You will read in groups and correct each other, which will make the class more dynamic, participative and entertaining. You will be in contact with texts of your discipline so your learning experience is focused on the skills that you will need at your job!


All our teachers have a strong business background, so they are very familiar with read business situations like meetings, interviews and group projects. You will constantly participate in roleplaying situations where you will be able to practice different roles in the business area and get prepared for your real job. Impress everyone with your confidence and fluency!



You can be a part of it today!

Sign up for our courses and special classes by just calling our freephone line! You can also make all questions you want with no compromise. Do you want to visit our school and check our a real class before you make your final decision? Of course you can! Just schedule a visit with our staff and we will show you the school around, so you can see how great your experience can be with us!



Don't miss your opportunity to become more proficient and skilled in the English language while making friends and learning valuable lessons! All our students have had great experiences at Totally English and now you are invited to join us. We will always be happy to receive you and offer you the best Business English courses! Call us today and let's get it started!


Words from our students.

"Totally English was the best English school I've ever attended! Classes are so entertaining and the group was fantastic. I want to go back next year to keep improving my skills."
By By Jorge Ortiz

"The courses of Totally English are very, very good. I made friends from Latin America and shared classes with them. We all learned together and the teacher was very nice. I'm happy I took this course there."
By Rafaela Mauro

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